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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Issue #15 is coming soon!

Hi Everybody!

I just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates and let you know that issue #15 will be running a little late. I sent it to the Dark master for approval last night so as soon as it passes muster, I'll start up the printing process. I hope to have it on sale no later than 9/15.

Why is it late? Well, I've been struggling with a medication that was repairing my metabolism but having vary nasty side effects.
Pros: I've lost 80 pounds since mid December and can put in 11000 steps a day without pain or suffering. :)
Cons: Depression, Apathy, and writer's block. :(

I've switched to a new med and I feel much better. Sorry again for this issue being late. Here is a snapshot of the cover for issue #15 with art by Claytonian.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Printing Errors & Apologies

Hello Everyone, +Keith G Nelson pointed out to me that there was a problem with a few table entries on a two tables where the text was cut off. I looked over the file the Print On Demand printers were using and it appears I did submit the wrong file to them. I have corrected this and from 8/7 3:00pm CST all the files are now correct.

So, that means if you ordered a print copy that was printed up before this, you most likely have or will receive a book where four of the tables have a few entries that are cut off (the tables on pages 50-51 are the easiest to spot). This includes any print copies picked up at Gencon from the Goodman Games booth. Now, what am I going to do about it.

Firstly, I apologize for not having sent the correct file to the printers. I was rushing to get everything ready for Gencon and I should have been more through. It is a fault of being a one man operation that stuff like this does not get caught. I am working to get a better system of checks before publishing in place and I am going to enlist the aid of a few CUaBM proof-readers to check ALL files before they are sent off to the printer on future publications.

Secondly, I am offering the one of the following compensations to EVERYONE who purchased a print copy with the truncated table entries:

  • A corrected PDF (via RPGNOW) and a free Lulu print copy replacement (replacement offer only good until 8/14/2016)


  • A corrected PDF (via RPGNOW) and a $5 refund via Paypal 


  • A corrected PDF (via RPGNOW) and the ability to order an At Cost* replacement print copy (via RPGNOW) 

Please contact me at to let me know which option you would prefer. Again, I apologize for my mistake.

*At Cost meaning you will receive an RPGNOW coupon via email that will allow you to buy the replacement copy for only the base printing and shipping costs.