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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Turkageddon Sale! 33% off all PDFs!

Welcome to Turkageddon!

In honor of the celebration of the mass slaughter of the turkey species I have put all of the Crawling Under a Broken Moon PDFs on sale at 33% until Dec 2nd.

Also, I will be out of town until then so all print orders purchased over the holiday will not be mailed out until the 2nd as well.

Enjoy your feasting and be thankful you are not a turkey!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The future of Crawling Under a Broken Moon

Hi Everyone!

With the Thundarr lookalike mini giveaway courtesy of contest going on I thought that those of you that are considering purchasing a six month subscription to my fanzine might want to see what I have planned for 2015. Well, here is is!

Issue #5 - Feb (released in Jan)

Theme - A He-Man homage
Far in the northern reaches of Umerica lay the lands of Aetheria where the Masters of Umerica do fierce battle with the lich Skull-Or and his mighty minions!
Articles on both the lands of Aethera and the neighbouring Darklands
The Aetherian Hero character class
The Ancient tech of the Un Men! The secret to the power of Aetheria.
And, the Wizard hating Warrior Patron, Castle Oldskull

Issue #6 - April (released in March)

Theme - Car Warriors of the Wastelands
New class: Petrol Head
New Rules: Vehicle combat!
New gear: Vehicle creation rules
New monsters: Road gang generator
New Table: d100 Stuff Found on Apocalyptic Roadways
New Location: The deep wastes (if space permits)

Issue#7 - June (released in May)

Theme - Return to the Wastelands
New Location: The Rail Wastes - includes Train stats for vehicle combat
New Location: The Citadel of Scrap, where all train routes meet. Also the home to many Cyborgs.
New Gear: more vehicles
New class: Cyborg

Issue #8 - August (released in July)

Theme - Apocalypse Alphabet part 1, letters A-M
A collection of tables focusing on each letter of the alphabet involving such post apocalyptic themes as...

  • B is for Barter Goods
  • F is for Foraging
  • H is for Hazards
  • L is for Laboratories

Issue #9 - October (released in Sept)

Theme - Apocalypse Alphabet part 2, letters N-Z
The second half of a collection of tables focusing on each letter of the alphabet involving such post apocalyptic themes as...

  • N is for Nanotechnology
  • S is for Scavenging
  • U is for UFOs
  • X is for Xenotech

Issue #10 - December (released in Nov)

Theme - Monsterpalooza!
An issue full of post apocalyptic horrors with full stat blocks and several plot seeds to drop them straight into your game.

Please note that all plans past Issue #6 are subject to change.