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Monday, April 20, 2015

Pricing questions

This is a question mainly aimed at those who have been purchasing my zine but I welcome everyones thoughts on this. Due to an increase in printing costs I am considering increasing the cost of CUaBM. In addition, starting with Issue #8 the zine will generally be 28 pages instead of 24 which also increases production costs. The new price I am considering is $4.50 local and $6.00 international per issue. As always, the price includes Print, PDF, & Postage. All current subscribers would still get their allotment of issues at the original price but new subscribers would pay the higher rate of $27 local and $36 international. 

I've been pondering on this for over a month so I thought I would ask  all of you how you felt about it. Please comment here or on G+ so I can make a good decision about this.

While we are on the subject of prices: PDF only purchasers, do you think the $2.99 price for each PDF is too high?

Lastly, I've been considering making a Year One compilation book containing all of the articles from issues #1-#6, reordered in a soft-cover source book style format, as a POD book from RPGNOW/Drivethru. Depending on the timetable I might even update old articles and add a bit of new material. Would anyone be interested in that?

Thank you in advance for all of your feedback!

UX01 has been released into the wilds!

I dropped a load of envelopes off at the post office this morning and everyone who ordered a print copy of UX01: High Caliber Hijinks should be getting their copy soon!

Sorry again for the delay but all of the kinks with the print shop should be worked out now so this will not happen again.

Reviews and feedback are most welcome!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The print run of UX01: High Caliber Hijinks is ALMOST done, sigh.

For those waiting for the print copy of Umerican Extras 01: High Caliber Hijinks, I apologize for the delay. I switched to a new print shop as my old one kept having issues with every print run. I went to pick up the print job this morning and it was messed up. Sometimes I wonder if my zine is slightly cursed by a Bindery Hag or other imaginary printing based beast, sigh.

They are redoing the entire job. Assuming it comes out OK, I'll be mailing these out by the weekend. Sorry again for the wait. I hope you are enjoying the PDF. Any reviews would be welcome.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Surprise! UX01: High Caliber Hijinks, the first in a line of CUaBM mini supplements is now available!

Crawling Under a Broken Moon Presents…

Umerican Extras 01: High Caliber Hijinks
New Fumble and Critical tables for a Weird Post Apocalyptic World

Here you will find full Fumble and Critical Tables I through V for the following:

*  Firearms
*  Grenades and Thrown Bombs
*  Alien and Weird Weapons 

Also included are Critical tables for Aliens and Robots that you can inflict upon your players.

I am happy to present the first in a line of supplements for adventuring in the weird lands of Umerica. These supplements will be the same size and format as the CUaBM zine and, best of all, the same price!

Physical books are currently being printed. Once assembly is complete they should begin mailing soon. 

Go to the Buy It Now!!! page to get your copy today!

Oh, by the way, all subscribers might want to check their inboxes as you should have received a download code for a free PDF copy of UX01: High Caliber Hijinks, enjoy!