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Friday, November 2, 2018

Slave-Drones of the Fantas-Ti-Plex is now available in print and PDF!

Slave-Drones of the Fantas-Ti-Plex

By Steve Bean!


WELCOME TO THE FANTAS-TI-PLEX! A lovely underground dystopian complex ruled by the ever beneficent Autocrat. Here all drones live in peace and prosperity, because the Autocrat says so. I mean, why would any of the drones doubt him, EVER. It is a perfect place to barely live and no one would EVER want to leave, right?

Slave-Drones of the Fantas-Ti-Plex is an alternate style 0-level funnel for Umerica. Unlike a regular 0-level funnel, where players start with three to four 0-level PCs and try to keep one to two of them alive to level up, in the Slave-Drones of the Fantas-Ti-Plex players have only one 0-level PC to traverse a dystopian underground facility and each time that PC is killed, their consciousness is uploaded into a fresh, new copy of their physical body. Of course, each time they respawn the process goes perfectly without any flaws or mutations popping up, right? ...right? I’m sure it will be fine.

This product is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Deck of Twisted Terrors is now available

The Deck of Twisted Terrors is now available in PDF and Print!

The Deck of Twisted Terrors

A collection of post apocalyptic creatures from Umerica for game masters to use as a quick reference during play or to pull random encounters from. Each tarot-sized card has the creature’s image on one side and its abbreviated write up on the other. For more information on each creature, please reference the Twisted Menagerie Manual page referenced at the bottom of each card.

This product is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game.

Monday, June 4, 2018

The Twisted Menagerie Manual PDF is now available! Print on Demand versions coming soon.

Greetings my fellow Umericans!

The Twisted Menagerie Manual is now available in PDF format from RPGnow:

The Print on Demand version will be available soon.

Not familiar with the Twisted Menagerie Manual? Here is a rundown of its finer features:

A gonzo post-apocalyptic monster book for Umerica or other weird realms. The wild and weird world of Umerica is a dangerous place filled with murderous creatures. It’s a good thing too since XP does not grow on trees! Within these pages dwell a cornucopia of crafty creatures to cram your campaign with consternation and paralyze your party with panic. Each one listed with adventure hooks to help drop them into your game.

Take a look at this selection of monster names from this tome

Apocalypse Ooze • Autogiest • Autovore • Beetle Apes • Blast Shades • Bowel Tyrant
Can Crabs • Cake Horror • Clown Servants of Buddy O’Burger • Constrictor, Mutant
Corpsenado • Cryo-lurker • Cyber Ghoul • Cyber Saucer Simian • Demolishroom
Dinosaurs • Dinosaurs, Augmented • Dinosaurs, Mutant • Shroomers • Ox Beetles • Pigtipede
The Discarded • Doomrider • Dragon, Biohazard • Dragon, Cryo • Dragon, Forest
Dragon, Gearhead • Holographic Dragon • Robot Dragon • Xeno Dragon • eGhost
Elementals-Data • Elementals-Debris • Elementals-Gun • Falcon Wolf • Flying Laser Ursine
Frab • Fruiti-Slush Ooze • Game Devil • Golem, Junk • Golem, Mannequin • Golem, Plush
Golem, Vehicle • Greenman Swarm • Hippotaur • Iguanadillo • Insect, Mutant
Jack-O-rang-utan • Komo-doans • Linoleumoeba • Lion-Snake • Luck Eater • Menfish
Monitor Lizards • Muckraker • Mutitan • Newt, Aberration • Octowolf • Orbus • Power Wight
Puppetcubi • Quantum Ape • Railipede • Rail Wraith • Reindire • Rerun Wraiths • RoboDevil
Robo-Lich • Robots • Rocker • Rockin’ Wraith • Scorpionoid • Septicraken • Serpent Shrubs
Sharkhana • Shriek • Splice Fiend • Sporefangs • Techno-Mimic • Think Tank • Toycubim
Trapdoor Toadspider • Trashlodyte • Tru-Pet • Un Men • V.E.T.T. • Varrok • Vendibeast
Whalephant • Wraith Rider • Whaaar Mutts • Wheeler Demon • Wrath • Xeno-Locusts
Xenotaur • Xeno Mummy • Yowling Atrocity • Zilla • Blink Zombies • Chrono Zombies
Melting Zombies • Petrol Zombies • Rave Zombies • Silver Zombies
Zombie Monks of the Cyberhive

Besides over 100 brutal beasts, this book also contains a bevy of barbarous Bosses
based on a few of the creatures within. Each one listed with a backstory,
common followers, motivations, and more.

The icing on the irradiated cake is the Scenario Sketches, a bunch of
rough encounter ideas incorporating one or more of the monsters from this tome,
all ready to be polished a bit and dropped into your campaign on short notice.

This product is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game

Tuesday, January 16, 2018