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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Surprise! UX01: High Caliber Hijinks, the first in a line of CUaBM mini supplements is now available!

Crawling Under a Broken Moon Presents…

Umerican Extras 01: High Caliber Hijinks
New Fumble and Critical tables for a Weird Post Apocalyptic World

Here you will find full Fumble and Critical Tables I through V for the following:

*  Firearms
*  Grenades and Thrown Bombs
*  Alien and Weird Weapons 

Also included are Critical tables for Aliens and Robots that you can inflict upon your players.

I am happy to present the first in a line of supplements for adventuring in the weird lands of Umerica. These supplements will be the same size and format as the CUaBM zine and, best of all, the same price!

Physical books are currently being printed. Once assembly is complete they should begin mailing soon. 

Go to the Buy It Now!!! page to get your copy today!

Oh, by the way, all subscribers might want to check their inboxes as you should have received a download code for a free PDF copy of UX01: High Caliber Hijinks, enjoy!

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