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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Issue #6 update

Do to a few RL snags issue #6 will be a bit late. It is currently being edited and then it will be sent off to the Dark Master for his approval. I hope to have the issue ready for sale by March 14th at the latest.

For now how about a sneak peek at the table of contents?

The Petrol Head 3
A new class for playing a car crazy scrapper in the Umerican wastelands
Mayhem Behind the Wheel 5
Driving around and killing things
What’s Under the Hood? 11
Rules for creating modern vehicles, DCC style
The Random Road Gang Generator 15
Create a wild and weird wasteland gang for your campaign in just minutes
d100 Stuff Found on Apocalyptic Roadways 21
Random encounters of the wasteland kind
Twisted Menagerie 24
The Petrol Zombie