Dedicated to bringing gonzo post apocalyptic content for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG from Goodman Games


Submissions for upcoming issues are always welcome!

I am currently looking for submissions related to the following themes:

  • Post apocalyptic art; guns, cars, ruins, landscapes, monsters, adventurers, etc. 
  • Aliens Creatures and Cybernetic Monsters, both art and stat blocks, for the Twisted Menagerie
  • "Mad Max" style Vehicle combat rules and art 
  • Patrons and Gods fit for a post apocalyptic world

Original submissions are welcome. Anything published will belong to the author, artist, and creator. 

For art submissions, please send a link to some samples. Old school style black and white line art is preferred. Anything post apocalyptic is always welcome. 

For written submissions, please host them on a cloud service, such as Google Docs, or send them in a Microsoft Word compatible format.

All contributors will get a free print copy of the zine. For more information or to send a submission, please email: